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Notes from Be My Guest Design

Our mission is to create beautiful celebration stationery for commemorating life's milestones. To help you do this, we share advice, tips and information here.

Wedding Stationery Timeline

In the home stretch to your wedding, while the big things are organised and locked in, the smaller details still need to be ironed out.

Here’s an ideal wedding stationery timeline for when you should be ordering your day-of pieces.

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Adding guest’s names to your wedding invitations

One of the most popular perks of working with Be My Guest Design is adding your guest’s names to your wedding invitations at no extra cost! Personalising each invite with your loved one’s names is an elegant introduction to your wedding festivities. We’ve put together some guidelines to help our

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Your Post-Wedding Admin List

So you’ve made it down the aisle, partied the night away and managed to get away for a honeymoon… now married life can begin! The conclusion of your wedding day doesn’t mean your wedding admin (aka “wedmin”!) can finish up just yet though. There’s still a few must-dos on the

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What are your seating plan options?

Seating plans don’t just tell guests where to sit. They also mark the significance and formality of your big event.

The right seating plan for you will depend on where you’re putting it, how long you’ve got, the look you’re going for and your budget.

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