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How to get your wedding guests to sign your guestbook

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After all the time and effort you spend in selecting the perfect guestbook, the next hurdle is ensuring your wedding guests actually sign it!

Today we are going to cover off 5 sure-fire ways to have your guests lining up to jot down their well wishes and messages of luck.

Give your guestbook the spotlight

Make sure your wedding guestbook doesn't get tucked in the back corner. Have it set up on a table right at the entrance, where it's easily noticeable. This prime location will catch your guests' attention as they arrive. Later in the wedding reception, when the center of the party moves closer to the bar and dance floor, ask a trusted guest to move the guestbook to a more central point, ensuring it remains accessible and noticeable throughout the event.

Hand holding gold pen about to write in open guestbook next to a polaroid photo

Set up a matching guestbook sign

Frame or prop up a matching sign right beside the guestbook, kindly requesting your wedding guests to take a moment and sign it. Simple as it may seem, this gesture works wonders in encouraging participation. You can also mention any additional fun elements you have, such as an instax camera or polaroid photos, inviting guests to use them and add these memories to the guestbook.

Make it as easy and appealing

Create a welcoming atmosphere for your guests by ensuring there's multiple pens readily available for their use. Include tape, embellishments, or gluesticks for those who'd like to add instax or polaroid photos onto the guestbook pages. The Deluxe Cambridge Pen, with its elegant design and smooth writing experience, will be a delightful addition that guests will enjoy using.

Got gaps in your guestbook afterwards? Fill in any spare pages with mementos from your wedding day: Your wedding invitation. The menu. Receipts from the Bar! Your place cards. Speech Notes. Greeting cards from your guests.

Bestie Guestie Tip

Offer a memorable bride

Make your guestbook signing spot even more inviting by offering a little incentive. You can't go wrong with a bowl of lollies sitting on the guestbook table, enticing your guests to slow down and take a moment to participate. If you have a polaroid camera, encourage guests to take a photo for themselves and another one for you, making it a memorable exchange of cherished memories.

Enlist the help of your wedding party

Your bridal party can be your allies in ensuring your guestbook is filled with heartfelt messages. If you have some extroverted and enthusiastic bridesmaids, ask them to take the guestbook right to the guests, engaging them personally and encouraging their participation. Your MC can also play a role in directing guests to sign the book or give them a friendly warning that the bridesmaids will be around with the guestbook. Taking the guestbook and Deluxe Cambridge Pens around the tables during the wedding reception is a very effective strategy, especially with a little light peer pressure, which might be just the ticket to getting your more reserved friends and family to share their messages of congratulations.