Order Wedding Invites Online

Ordering your wedding invites online is simple:

Step 1 – Pick your wedding invitations

Once you’ve found the wedding invite that you love, simply order via the website. Detailed instructions are available here.

 Step 2 – Personalising your wedding invites

Once you have submitted your order, you send through your wording and design preferences here. Your wedding invitations are then designed using the information you provided. Before anything is printed, you will receive an electronic draft mock up of your invitations within a couple of working days of your order – to check everything looks perfect.

 Step 3 (optional) – Getting Guest Names Printed on your Wedding Invitations

If you’d like your wedding invitations to be individually personalised with your guest’s names, this is when we do it! You supply a plain text guest list to our designer, who will merge in your guest names and send through the file, for one final check. There is no charge for this extra service.

Step 4 – Printing your wedding invitations

Once you’re happy with the design of your wedding invites, your invitations are printed and packaged.  From ordering to receiving your invitations takes around 2 weeks (depending on the time of year and the complexity of wedding invitation chosen).

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