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Pocketfold Wedding Invitations

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Your wedding is a special event, right from the moment your wedding guests receive their pocketfold wedding invitations in the mail.

What are pocketfold wedding invitations?

When we say 'pocketfold invitations', we are referring to a set, consisting of:

  1. the pocketfold envelope, an outer envelope made of cardstock (between 250-350gsm);
  2. a printed main invitation card that is affixed to the inside of the pocketfold envelope; and
  3. printed information card(s) that slide into the inbuilt pocket.
  4. A closure secures the pocketfold envelope when folded closed. In this example, the closure is a bellyband (we will discuss the different closure options a little later on)

Be My Guest Design's pocketfold invitations come with the main invitation card and at least 1 information card. Alternatively, if you would like to DIY your pocketfold wedding invitations, you can order the pocketfold envelopes on their own.

The pocketfold envelope is 118 x 158 mm when closed. This fits an A6 card (105x148mm) inside and insert cards in the pocket. It folds closed to fit into our 130x185mm envelopes.

What’s the difference between a pocketfold envelope and a regular envelope?

The terminology can be a bit overwhelming!

  • pocketfold envelope is the outer envelope which the main invitation card is attached to, and holds the information cards. It is made of cardstock (between 250-350gsm).
  • A mailing envelope is what you will mail your pocketfold invitations in. These envelopes are made of a lightweight cardstock (about 120gsm). Be My Guest Pocketfold Invitations come with an envelope that will fit your pocketfold invitation.

Pocketfold envelopes are not suitable for posting. Your items may slide out of the pockets, or the flap might get caught in the sorting machines and tear. To post your pocketfold, we recommend our 5 x 7″ envelopes. 

Why choose pocketfold invitations for your wedding?

Pocketfold invitations offer a sophisticated and elegant presentation, with the packaged invite and information cards adding a touch of luxury and style.

The pocket allows for better organisation of wedding details, holding the various inserts - such as information cards, RSVP card & envelopes, wishing well poems/registry info and accommodation details. They are all tucked away neatly into the pocket of each individual invitation, helping guests easily find and keep track of all the information. Couples hosting destination weddings in particular find the pocketfold option really convenient.

For destination weddings where guests may need additional information such as travel details and itineraries, pocketfold invitations provide a practical solution, accommodating all the necessary details without clutter.

Refer to our wedding stationery timeline and checklist post for some guidelines.

Ordering Pocketfold Wedding Invitations

Your first challenge is selecting your favourite design (remembering that we can change the colours and fonts to suit, so don't stress too much). Once you find your fave, add any extra Information Cards required (the 'Regular' size is included by default).

At the ordering stage you can select whether you want your pocketfolds to arrive assembled - or if you're happy to do a little DIY and assemble them yourself, save some money and pick the "Assemble Yourself" option.

Pocketfold colour options

Customising your favourite design to suit your taste is no problem. We have a range of 9 pocketfold envelope colours and 50+ designs. With multiple card options, colour changes and closure choices, the options are endless!

Below, from left to right, we have examples of our pocketfolds in Black, Forest Green and Sage

Changing the colour of the pocketfold envelope can change the vibe of the whole invite. Below is an example of this with our Beautiful Peonies design; from left to right the pocketfold colours pictured are Coral Metallic, Kraft and Quartz Metallic

There is a lot more flexibility for changing the printed colours of the actual invitations and information cards themselves, as they are digitally printed. There is no extra charge for this, however you may wish to purchase a printed proof, so you can check the colours are exactly what you want before we print the whole set.

The pocketfold colours below are as follows (from left to right) Claret, Navy Blue and Copper Metallic

What card options do I have for my pocketfold wedding invitations?

When we talk about card options, this is for the internal cards that are enclosed within the outer pocketfold envelope. It’s the part of the invitation that’s printed onto, and a lot of the character and vibe of your wedding can be conveyed by selecting a different card option, for example an organic earth feel with a kraft brown card, or for a luxe event, a metallic card.

If you’re not sure on which card to pick, refer to our detailed information on each card option here.

Ordering a Be My Guest Wedding Invitation Sample Pack lets you see and feel what your invitations will look like, helping you choose the right one and avoiding expensive mistakes. We will send you a sample of each of our card swatches for the internal pocketfold cards.

What is a pocketfold closure?

Your pocketfold invites fold closed, but to secure the outer flap, most couples opt to include a closure:

The options available through Be My Guest are:

  • Sticker: A 50mm round sticker to match the design. 
  • Tag & Tie: A coloured ribbon or twine, with a square or diamond shaped 50x50mm card tag that matches the design.
  • Bellyband: a strip of card with an adhesive strip on one end, it is wrapped around the pocketfold and can be slid on/off. Designed to match the inside design.

Optional Extras for your Pocketfold Wedding Invitations

If you'd like your wedding invitations to go pride of place on your friends & family's fridge, we have adhesive magnetic strips that can be attached to the back. They are thin enough to get through the post without damaging the envelope or invite, yet strong enough to hold up a pocketfold with all its accompanying pieces!

Teardrop Paperclips are a popular choice this season. Choose from black, silver, rose gold and gold teardrop paperclips. Secure your RSVP cards to their envelopes, or attach a small tag to further personalise your stationery.

Matching envelope seals (30mm in diameter) are a great way of closing your envelopes - we can pop your return address onto them too. Or tuck them away and use them for your wedding favours!

Add another layer of luxe with matching envelope liners. We design these to match your wedding invitation suite.

Do I have to assemble the invitations myself?

Your pocketfold wedding invitations will arrived very nearly ready to hand out to your guests! We do not add any embellishments that “close” your invitations. That’s because you’ll need to see what guest name is on each invitation, for when addressing and stuffing envelopes.

There is a “DIY - Assemble Yourself” option which offers a discount if you want to put together your pocketfold invitations yourself. We supply you with everything you need: double sided tape, the pocketfolds, inserts and any accessories you’ve ordered. An assembled invitation will be included in the parcel for you to reference too.

Customising your Pocketfold Wedding Invitations

Once you've given us your wedding details, our designers will get to work!

You will receive an electronic draft of your wedding invitation before it goes to print - so you can see how everything looks, and request any changes needed.

We’ll help your invitation says just the right thing. Our designers are experienced with wording wedding invitations and tricky etiquette traps, so we can help with tweaking your wording. We will also modify the design to accommodate any colours you want incorporated.

A favourite feature of our wedding invitations is guest name printing. This allows you to add your guest’s names to the wedding invitations for a high-end, ultra personalised finish. Here’s more information on printing your guest names on your wedding invitations. There is no additional charge for this service.

Your wedding invitations are New Zealand made, through and through. All our pocketfold envelopes, mailing envelopes, the printed wedding cards and even the packaging boxes are produced right here in New Zealand.

Peace of Mind with a Printed Proof

If you’d like to receive a hard copy of your invitation, prior to approving it for printing, then order a printed proof.  This allows you to see a physical copy of the invitation, check the colour is what you expect, and the card is the right fit for the vision you have in mind.

For those seeking an extra layer of confidence and assurance, we recommend adding a Printed Proof to your order. This is free for invite orders over $300* (simply add the Printed Proof add-on and use the coupon code printproof when you checkout).

When should I send out my wedding invitations?

We cover off when you should send out your wedding invitations here.

How should I word my wedding invitations?

We’ve included all our tips, tricks and some free checklists and worksheets here: How to word your wedding invitations. If you prefer reading something physical, we have a free booklet with 24 pages of advice, tips and inspiration: the Wedding Invitation Guide.

Our designers are happy to help with wording your invitations though – we will suggest tweaks and can advise on appropriate etiquette if required.

What’s the turnaround time for my personalised wedding invites?

The entire process from design to revisions, printing and posting your wedding invites takes only around two weeks. That means our design team will be working on your mock-up invite shortly after you order. You can expect to receive your digital mock-up within a couple of days, to let you check it before we have your invites printed.

Once you’ve given us final sign off, your order will be printed and ready to send within a week. All our stationery items are printed on a high quality commercial digital press and trimmed to size with a commercial grade guillotine. The timeframe varies depending on the size and complexity of your order). More information on wedding invitation turnaround times is available on our FAQ page, here.