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Modern Elegant Pocketfold Wedding Invitations

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Your guests will be thrilled to receive your stylish and modern wedding invitations, which let them know all the details of your special day.

These elegant pocketfold wedding invitations come with information cards that can be tucked away neatly in the pocket of each individual wedding invitation. The clean design is easy to read and really show off your personality and style.

Size supplied will suit the size of the pocketfold selected


Once your order is placed, you’ll receive an electronic form to submit your wording and design customisations.


Your wedding is a special event, right from the moment your wedding guests receive their pocketfold wedding invitations in the mail. Sharing lots of details is a breeze, with information cards having plenty of room for important details. The cards can be tucked away neatly in the pocket of each individual wedding invitation.

Be My Guest’s Pocketfold Wedding Invitations include:

  • An electronic draft of your wedding invitation, before it goes to print – so you can see how everything looks, and request any changes needed.
  • Personal attention to the design and wording, including tweaks to the design to fit your preferred wording. We’ll help your invitation says just the right thing. More help with wedding invitation wording can be found here.
  • All our pocketfold envelopes, wedding invites, envelopes and packaging boxes are New Zealand made. Your wedding invites and any extra info cards needed are professionally printed on our range of reliable, environmentally-responsible cardstocks, on a high quality commercial printer.
  • A minimum of 30 pocketfold wedding invitations required.

Optional Extras for your Pocketfold Wedding Invitations

Pocketfolds Frequently Asked Questions

What are the different size options available?

We offer two different size options for pocketfold wedding invitations:

  • The Regular Pocketfold is 115 x 158 mm when closed and is what’s pictured in all the images on the website. This pocketfold envelope fits an A6 card (105x148mm) inside. It folds closed to fit into our 130x185mm envelopes. This size of pocket invitation is our most popular size.
  • The Large Pocketfold is 140 x 190 mm when close and sized to fit what we call our Large Rectangle invitations, aka 5×7″ cards (127x178mm). The large pocketfold folds closed to fit into a C5 envelope. These envelopes take two stamps to post.

What’s the difference between a pocketfold envelope and a regular envelope?

  • A pocketfold envelope is the outer envelope which the main invitation card is attached to, and holds the information cards.
  • The regular mailing envelope is what you will mail your pocketfold invitations in. We will supply you with an envelope that will fit your pocketfold invitation – i.e. the regular sized pocketfold will get a 130x185mm envelope, and the large pocketfold will get a C5 envelope.
  • A pocketfold invitation is a pocketfold envelope with your invite attached

I like this design but my wedding colours are different, can I change the colours?

  • You can select from a limited range of pocketfold envelope colours (at no extra charge).

  • There is a lot more flexibility for changing the printed colours of the invitations and information cards themselves, as they are digitally printed. There is no extra charge for this, however you may wish to purchase a printed proof, so you can check the colours are exactly what you want before we print the whole set.
  • You can also opt to change the mailing envelopes to complement your colour scheme. White or kraft envelopes are included at no charge, or you can upgrade to a coloured or metallic envelope. There are also RSVP envelopes available in a range of colours, depending on the size needed.

What is a pocketfold closure?

Your pocketfold invite will fold closed, but to secure the outer flap, most couples opt to include a closure.

The options available through Be My Guest are:

  • Sticker: A 50mm round sticker to match the design. 
  • Tie: A coloured ribbon or twine that can be tied around the pocketfold envelope
  • Tag & Tie: A coloured ribbon or twine, with a square or diamond shaped 50x50mm card tag that matches the design.
  • Lace, Tag & Tie: As above, but with the addition of a pretty lace strip adhered to the outside of the pocketfold
  • Bellyband: a strip of card with an adhesive strip on one end, it is wrapped around the pocketfold and can be slid on/off. Designed to match the inside design.
  • Lace and Bellyband: As above, but with the addition of a pretty lace strip adhered to the outside of the pocketfold that peeks out the top and bottom
  • No closure: You don’t need to get a closure at all – go without one or DIY your own!

What card options do I have for my wedding invitations?

When we talk about card options, this is for the internal cards that are enclosed within the outer pocketfold envelope. It’s the part of the invitation that’s printed onto, and a lot of the character and vibe of your wedding can be conveyed by selecting a different card option, for example an organic earth feel with a kraft brown card, or a luxe event with a metallic card option.

If you’re not sure on which card to pick, refer to our detailed information on each card option here. You can also purchase a wedding invitation sample pack to help you make your decision. The cost of the sample pack is redeemable against your future wedding invitation order.

When should I send out my wedding invitations?

We’ve covered off our recommended wedding invitation timeline here.

Do I have to assemble the invitations myself?

Your pocketfold wedding invitations will arrived very nearly ready to hand out to your guests! We do not add the final embellishments that “close” your invitations. That’s because you’ll need to see what guest name is on each invitation, for when addressing and stuffing envelopes.

There is an “Assemble Yourself” option which offers a discount if you want to put together your pocketfold invitations yourself. We supply you with double sided tape, the pocketfolds, inserts and any accessories you’ve ordered. A completed sample will be included in the parcel for you to reference too.

How should I word my wedding invitations?

We’ve included all our tips, tricks and some free checklists and worksheets here: How to word your wedding invitations.

Our designers are happy to help with wording your invitations though – we will suggest tweaks and can advise on appropriate etiquette if required.

What’s the turnaround time for my personalised wedding invites?

The entire process from design to revisions, printing and posting your wedding invites takes only around two-three weeks. That means our design team will be working on your mock-up invite shortly after you order. You can expect to receive your digital mock-up within a couple of days, to let you check it before we have your invites printed.

Once you’ve given us final sign off, your order will be printed and ready to send within 5-10 business days. All our stationery items are printed on a high quality commercial digital press and trimmed to size with a commercial grade guillotine. The timeframe varies depending on the size and complexity of your order). More information on wedding invitation turnaround times is available on our FAQ page, here.


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