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Wall Art Prints: Your Options

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What are your options for Be My Guest Design's Wall Art Prints? These are sentimental keepsake vow prints, a pop of colour for your lounge or an inspirational quote.

Each art print in the Be My Guest range is designed and printed here in New Zealand. They make wonderful presents and are popular for first wedding anniversary gifts.

It's simple to customise your print. Pick your favourite design from our range and give us the details. Your designer will draft your print, making tweaks to suit your preferred text and colour changes if necessary. Then once you’ve confirmed it’s perfect, we’ll print it, package it perfectly and get it out to you ASAP.

Wall Art Printing Options

You can select from a range of different wall art printing options to suit different budgets and display styles. Here's a close up shot of the main types of prints:

Wall Art Canvas Prints 

Your canvas wall print gets printed onto a lightly textured canvas material which is then stretched over a 20mm pine frame.

This gives your canvas art a seamless, sleek and modern look. They can be propped onto an easel or hung on a wall.

Want to hang your canvas wall art without nails? We've found the Command Picture Hanging Strips to be really cost effective and simple to use for even the largest sizes of canvas print.

Mounted Art Board Prints

The mounted boards are first printed onto self adhesive vinyl, which is then mounted onto a 5mm thick foamboard. These are a lightweight, stiff option that can be propped on an easel or hung from a sign stand. These are also suitable for professional framers to frame.

Poster Paper Art Prints

Printed onto 220gsm synthetic poster paper, this option needs to be framed - then you can pop it onto your wall.

Fabric Wall Decals

Fabric wall dots are a fun way to display your wall art without damaging your walls. These dots are printed onto a lightly textured fabric material with a special repositionable adhesive. The texture of this fabric is similar to the canvas prints, but with a similar weight/thickness to a poster print. Because this is fabric, the ink soaks in a bit more than the other options and colours tend towards more muted tones.

Bonus tip: for customised fabric wall decal prints, you can request your wall art cut to a custom shape. We shape your artwork into any shape that fits within the measurements purchased. Circles, arches and hearts are a really popular choice.

Single Card Art Prints

Perfect for smaller prints, as these only go up to A3 size. There’s a variety of card types available. Pop into a frame.

Electronic Files for Wall Art to Print at Home

If you’re in a rush and don’t want to risk the couriers, or perhaps you have access to a large format printer...

Whatever the case, we are able to assist with an electronic version of your art print, with a turnaround of 2-3 working days.

How long does it take to get our wall art print?

All our wall art prints are designed and printed in New Zealand, so you don't have to wait months for a ship to arrive!

For a rough guide, allow three weeks for canvas and mounted prints, and two weeks for other types of prints, including shipping.

The two main variables for turnaround times are design time and print type:

Design turnaround times

If you have selected a piece of wall art that does not have any design changes, then this cuts out the design turnaround entirely!

If you have changes that need to be made, an electronic draft mockup will be sent through to you. It may take us a couple of days to get this initial draft to you.

This allows you to check over how your wording looks in your chosen design, and request any changes.

Print turnaround times

Once your artwork is confirmed, your wall art is set up and sent to print. The print type will affect your turnaround time here, as some print processes take more time than others.

You should allow up to three weeks for art prints on canvas or mounted onto board. For card and poster prints, two weeks will be ample time and often your print will be dispatched within a week.

Courier timeframes

Our large format prints are typically shipped on a 2 day service to keep the shipping costs as affordable as possible. If you select urgent shipping we will upgrade your large format wall art onto the overnight service within New Zealand.

There are occasionally shipping delays which are out of our control. Our turnaround times discussed above allow for 2 working days for the courier. Check out our Shipping Delays post for the latest issues.

Urgent turnaround

We offer an urgent turnaround option for an additional charge, so if you'd like to skip the queue then feel free to select this option. You are welcome to double check with us if you require your print about the turnaround time. We can check our current production schedule and confirm if you need to select the express option or if it'll be done for you in plenty of time.

Is my photo good enough quality to be printed large?

Whether your photo is good enough quality to be blown up big is an important question. After all, we want your photos to look incredible! Unfortunately, sites like Facebook compress photos that are uploaded to them. If you've saved photos from your photographer's page or pinched them from a friend's uploads, the quality can be a bit hit or miss.

What resolution should my photos be?

Resolution is the measure used for sharpness and clarity of a picture, and refers to the height and width of an image. We then talk about DPI or "dots per inch". The higher the DPI, the better (as the more detail that is included). You might also see PPI or pixels per inch. PPI is resolution in pixels of a digital image whereas DPI describes the printed image. We are printers, so use the term DPI.

Photographers often supply two sets of images. One "web resolution" which is 72dpi at full size, and one "print resolution" or "high resolution" which is 300dpi at full size. Larger sizes mean a larger file size which is harder to email or slow to load on websites, so for photogs it's about a balance between quality and usability. For us printers though, the bigger the better!

Where possible, 300dpi or higher is preferred. Phone cameras are typically set up to shoot at 72dpi so you can't blow the photos from them up massively (they look great quality on the tiny screen but a bit blurry when printed big!). Sometimes you can get away with a lower quality photo (72dpi) because it's going to be viewed from a distance and there's not much detail critical to the overall look.

It's complicated, so we are happy to have a look at files to determine if they should be a suitable size for printing. Alternatively you can calculate this using the instructions below:

Calculating photo quality

You can use our calculator that helps determine what size your photo should be to be to be enlarged. This will give you an approximate size in pixels you need your picture to be. Then compare this to the size of the picture that you have

How big is my picture?
  1. Right-click on the image (or, on a Mac, control-click).
  2. Choose Properties or Get info.
  3. Click the General or More info tab.
  4. Use the Image section to see the image dimensions in pixels, or the File section to see the image file size.

Customising your wall art print

You've sussed out how your art will be printed, and know that the photo you want printed will be of good enough quality (if you're including one!). Now it's time to decide how to customise your wall art print to make it your own!

We absolutely love changing designs to suit our client's ideas. In each print's description or photo gallery we include a suggestion or two for how you can make it uniquely your own. But here are some other ideas:

Give us the details when you submit your order, and your designer will draft your print. She'll make tweaks to suit your preferred text and colour changes if necessary. You should receive a draft within a couple of working days of placing your order.

Once you’ve confirmed your print is perfect, we’ll print it, package it perfectly and get it out to you ASAP.