• Your Post-Wedding Admin List

    So you’ve made it down the aisle, partied the night away and managed to get away for a honeymoon… now married life can begin!

    The conclusion of your wedding day doesn’t mean your wedding admin (aka “wedmin”!) can finish up just yet though. There’s still a few must-dos on the list before you can wrap things up. No stress though, let’s cover off what needs done (and we will give you some tips along the way).


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  • What are your seating plan options?

    If you’ve been busy reading The Epic NZ Wedding Seating Planning Guide, then you’ll know that seating plans don’t just tell guests where to sit. They also mark the significance and formality of your big event.

    The right seating plan for you will depend on where you’re putting it, how long you’ve got, the look you’re going for and your budget.

    Naturally, most of the seating plans we design are for wedding receptions, since couples love to match their wedding stationery to their Be My Guest designed wedding invites, but our seating plans are also used for formal dinners at school reunions, sports reunions and corporate events.


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  • How to get your wedding guests to sign your guestbook

    After all the time and effort you spend in selecting the perfect guestbook, the next hurdle is ensuring your wedding guests actually sign it!

    Today we are going to cover off 5 sure-fire ways to have your guests lining up to jot down their well wishes and messages of luck.

    The tips and tricks we are going to share can be adapted for getting guests to sign a guestbook at any sort of special event too – like a birthday party or wedding anniversary.


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  • The Best Pens for Signing Guestbooks

    Hello gorgeous humans!

    We’ve had a few enquiries about the best pens for signing your wedding guestbooks. So we took the credit card and spent up large at our favourite stationery stores, purchasing a ton of pretty pens so you don’t have to!

    There’s a few things to keep in mind when picking the perfect pen for signing your guest book:

    • You’ll want the ink to flow straight away, smoothly
    • The ink shouldn’t bleed through to the other side of the page (or even the page below!)
    • The faster the ink dries, the less it will smudge, and the better it’ll look. Especially if you have some left-handed guests
    • You want the tip of the pen to stay crisp and clean. The thicker the tip, the bigger the handwriting
    • It would be nice if the ink matches the colour scheme of the wedding
    • …and the pen should looks as good as the guestbook does

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