• The Best Pens for Signing Guestbooks

    Hello gorgeous humans!

    We’ve had a few enquiries about the best pens for signing your wedding guestbooks. So we took the credit card and spent up large at our favourite stationery stores, purchasing a ton of pretty pens so you don’t have to!

    There’s a few things to keep in mind when picking the perfect pen for signing your guest book:

    • You’ll want the ink to flow straight away, smoothly
    • The ink shouldn’t bleed through to the other side of the page (or even the page below!)
    • The faster the ink dries, the less it will smudge, and the better it’ll look. Especially if you have some left-handed guests
    • You want the tip of the pen to stay crisp and clean. The thicker the tip, the bigger the handwriting
    • It would be nice if the ink matches the colour scheme of the wedding
    • …and the pen should looks as good as the guestbook does


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  • The Epic NZ Wedding Seating Planning Guide

    Getting organised for your wedding reception? One of the trickiest tasks is trying to figure out wedding seating. Where is everyone sitting for the speeches and meal?

    Family politics, friend drama and ex girlfriends all have to be kept in mind. Sure, it’s your day, but if you can do something to minimise the chance of drama taking away from the shine of your big day, you would, right?

    With this in mind, allocated seating for your wedding guests is a smart move. In this article I’m sharing tips and tricks to create the perfect wedding reception seating plan with Be My Guest Design.


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  • Christmas & New Year Shutdown Dates

    I think we can all agree that 2021 has been another rollercoaster year! I’ve found it more challenging than 2020 with price rises, stock shortages and courier delays.

    As we head towards December, it’s going to get even more hectic. We’ve instituted close off dates to keep everything running smoothly and to ensure everyone gets what they need in plenty of time.

    The close off days are when your design must be signed off and approved for printing by, not when you place your order. You need to be ordering in advance of these dates. We are back open for the year on Monday 10 January 2022 so if your wedding is in early/mid January, you will need to order in advance.

    Deadline for canvas prints

    Orders printed onto canvas must be signed off as ready to print by 10 December. No urgent turnaround is possible due to canvas order volumes in December.

    Deadline for all other large format prints

    (i.e. mounted on board, posters, fabric decals, card): Orders must be signed off as ready to print by 17 December.

    Deadline for Custom printed items

    Save the Dates, Wedding Invitations, Guest Books, Place Cards etc must be signed off and approved for printing by 16 December to be done in 2021. NZ Post have bought forward their courier cut off forward to 20 December, so the 16th gives us time to produce, package and get on the courier!

    We will continue to print and package items up until we close on 22 December. This does not allow for any delivery time, so if it’s needed for Christmas, we only recommend leaving it this late if you are able to collect from our studio.

    Orders for Extra Bits

    Envelopes, accessories and other ready to ship items in stock will be shipping daily up until our last day. It’s the courier’s busiest time of year so while we ship these items on an overnight service, there is no guarantee it will arrive overnight. We are closing at lunchtime 22 December.

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  • Wording Wedding Invitations

    You’ve got a colour scheme, sussed out a guest list and have decided on the when and where. Now let’s get to the nitty gritty. Wording your wedding invitations is a minefield of etiquette and detail to dodge. So how do you actually say “come to our wedding”?!

    Why are wedding invitations so important?

    Your wedding invitations communicate important information to your guests. Of course, the all-important who, when and where – but also information on the type of wedding they can expect to attend. Does your invite say cocktail dress and fancy up-do, or jeans and a nice top? 

    A properly designed invitation conveys the tone, style, theme and sets the scene for your guests. You have your perfect day sitting in your imagination. Your wedding invitation is your first chance to express this vision to your guests.


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  • Wedding Invitation Timeline

    Your wedding invitations are your guests’ first peek into your wedding day. But when are they getting this first peek? We are sharing our recommended wedding invitation timeline today. We’ve compiled our best advice and tips to answer that common question: “when are wedding invitations sent?”.


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