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Frequently Asked Questions

Check through the answers to our frequently asked questions before you get in touch – a lot of the time, the information listed on this website is able to help (and you’ll get your answers immediately!).

How much are wedding invitations?

You can find a price for wedding invitations from the ready-made collection by adding the invite to your cart.

How long do wedding invitations take?

The whole process can take between 2 and 4 weeks, depending on how responsive you are to checking your drafts. More information on how long wedding invitations take, and when you should order wedding invitations is available here.

Can you send me a sample of your wedding invitations?

Yes absolutely, swatches and samples are available to order here. The cost is redeemable when you place your order.

I only need 10 invitations. Why is there a minimum order of 30 wedding invitations?

All Be My Guest Wedding Collection Invitations, Save the Dates and Wedding Stationery have a minimum order (usually 30 items). This is because it is a similar cost to print 10 as it is 30.  The design and printing set up costs remaining similar whether you require 1 or 100.

Can I meet you to discuss wedding invitations?

Be My Guest is an online wedding invitation store only. If you want to check out the invitations in person, please order a wedding invitation sample pack.

Here’s a photo of an invitation I like, can you copy it for me?

Sometimes it’s easier to explain your ideas by referencing other work. But copying someone else’s design is plagiarism 🙁

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