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Complete the form below to submit your wedding invitation wording.

FYI: If you are not quite ready to submit your wording, no problem. This link is also emailed to you. Keep the email handy and click the link when you are ready to proceed. Or email


Completing this form ensures we’ve got all the information needed to get started on your Wedding Invitations. 

The design process goes a lot faster when all details are supplied here, rather than emailed in bits and pieces, as it means we only need to reference one spot to find all your details. You can copy and paste any information you might have in a Word document into this field.

Please supply your details so we can match up your wording to your order.
For those wanting to follow traditional wedding etiquette, the bride's name comes before the groom's name. But we design your stationery to reflect the order you include here, so if you want the groom's name first, just pop his name in the first box. For same sex weddings, you are free to choose whichever order you like! Again, we will design the invite to reflect the order you submit here.
Reception Details
If your reception is at a different venue to your ceremony, then please fill out the reception location. (Leave it blank if the reception is at the same spot as your ceremony.)
You may wish to note a time down that your guests should arrive at the reception venue too. You can avoid listing this time - leave the field blank if you don't want it included. Leaving it blank gives you flexibility to decide on timings.
Invitation Verbiage
Here's the bit where we figure out how you're going to say "come to our wedding" in a slightly more elegant way... don't worry, we will tweak it if necessary, and you'll see a draft of your invitation before it is printed, so you can make changes to the wording if necessary.
Receiving RSVPs
If you're not sure about when you should get RSVPs in by - I recommend 1 month before a wedding. If you want guests to notify you of other things (dietary requirements, attending a BBQ after the wedding etc) please note them below.