Printed Proof

$15.00 incl. GST

Ordering a Printed Proof allows you to experience your invitation in a tangible and visual way, bringing your vision to life on your selected cardstock. You’ll have the opportunity to check the colours, verify that they align with your expectations, and ensure the cardstock perfectly complements your envisioned design.

For those seeking an extra layer of confidence and assurance, we offer the option to purchase this Printed Proof Add-On at the same time as your invitation order. Please note, if you haven’t placed an order yet, we recommend starting with our Wedding Invitation Sample Pack.

Once the digital design of your invitation is finalised, we’ll send you the physical printed proof for your inspection. This tangible copy allows you to see and feel the design on your selected cardstock in real life, ensuring every aspect aligns with your expectations down to the finest detail.

If you are not ready to order your invitation/cards, we recommend starting with our Wedding Invitation Sample Pack.

Why opt for a Printed Proof instead of relying solely on the electronic version? While electronic proofs provide a close representation of image colours, they are not exact. Electronic proofs primarily serve for content and layout purposes. Computer monitors or laser printers can only approximate colours, and actual colour appearance may vary due to differences in colour, contrast, brightness settings, and surrounding lighting conditions on each computer.

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