Be My Guest News

  • Entertaining your wedding guests

    Give your wedding guests something fun to do at your wedding reception and make memories with our fun range of advice cards, wedding activities and fill-in-the-blanks cards.

    Lots of our options can be used for bridal showers, hen’s nights or engagement parties too!

    Advice and Activity Cards

    Simply pick your favourite design or activity, and order however many you need online. All these are in stock and ready to ship, so they are perfect for a last minute addition to your big day.

    With most activity packs, you can opt for:

    • Different sizes – small (A6 105x148mm), medium (A5 148x210mm) or large (A4 210x297mm)
    • Customisation – change the wording, add your names… give us the details and we will design something customised to you and your event
    • Picked your wedding invitation from the Be My Guest wedding collection? Matching advice cards can be designed at no extra charge

    Guestbooks and Thumbprint Trees

    Collect messages and well wishes from your guests and stick photobooth pics in them with our range of guestbooks. We offer:

    With most activity packs, you can opt for:

    • A generous A4 size (210 x 297mm) and spiral bound, with a protective plastic sheet. Inside pages are blank and can be white, black or silver.
    • You get an electronic draft mockup of your guestbook before it goes to print – so you can see how everything looks and request any changes.
  • Adding guest’s names to your wedding invitations

    One of the most popular perks of working with Be My Guest Design is adding your guest’s names to your invitations – and at no extra cost!

    We’ve put together some guidelines as often the first question we get is “well, how do you want the names then?”. And that’s a great question to hear. Submitting your guest’s names in the correct format means your design can be created faster, and has less chance of typos/errors happening.

    Typed please

    All information submitted for design is to be typed up.  This is because there’s a high chance of error when trying to type up a document and/or trying to decipher someone else’s handwriting.  This typed up file/list does not need any fancy formatting. In fact, I’d prefer it didn’t! Where possible, we copy and paste the exact text we are supplied, straight into the design file.

    Plain Text List Required

    What’s plain text? I’m not talking about a special computer code or special program.  Just simply, a list of your names that we can copy and paste with no fancy formatting. Here’s some examples for different situations

    Submitting your guest list for your wedding invitations

    • Please submit your guest names written exactly how you want them to appear on the wedding invitation. i.e. if you want your guest’s first names listed on the invitation, then only submit their first names (in this case, supply Amanda rather than Amanda Cookson)
    • Group your guests names together – one line is one invitation (Craig and Amanda rather than a separate line for Craig and another line for Amanda)
    • Decide if you want to use “and” or “&” and use this consistently throughout your guest list
    • No special formatting – i.e. no numbering, tabs, multiple spaces, bullet points, columns. They just create more work. Seriously, it doesn’t have to be pretty (that’s what you’ve got us for)
    • You can submit your list in the body of your email, or in a single column within a spreadsheet. If you’re using the Southern Bride Guest List Planner Template we love that too.


    Amanda and Craig

    Mum and Dad

    Scott and Partner

    Wally and Glenys


    1. Amanda and Craig
    2. Mum & Dad
    3. Scott
    4. Scott’s Partner
    5. Wally Riach and Glenys Riach

    Submitting your guest list for your placecards

    • Please submit your guest names written exactly how you want them to appear on the placecards. i.e. if you want your guest’s first names listed on the placecard, then only submit their first names. (in this case, supply Amanda rather than Amanda Cookson)
    • Each guest goes on an individual line (as each guest needs a placecard)
    • If you order more placecards than you have guests, we will supply the extra ones without a name, so you’ve got spares. You don’t need to label them “Spare” as we will automatically add the extras on.
    • I do not require any special formatting – i.e. no numbering, tabs, multiple spaces, bullet points, columns
    • You can submit your list in the body of your email, or in a single column within a spreadsheet

    Submitting your seating plan diagram for your seating plan

    Many couples find it easiest to create these in spreadsheets, and that’s perfect for us.  Seating diagrams created in Word can be a bit harder to copy/paste from, as people tend to add columns, tabs or spaces that don’t copy and paste well. Simple is perfectly fine by me.  You can also share a plain text list. i.e.:

    First line is the table name and subsequent lines are the guests at that table:

    Table One






    Table Two





  • Free ‘Change the Date’ Editable Template

    Well guys, what a crazy few weeks we’ve had, huh? I know I’ve been all over the place bouncing between wallowing in self-pity and heightened motivation to be The Best Version Of Amanda 3.0 (I’m going to finally clean the house! Do I really have to shower again this week? I’m going to do yoga daily! Oh my god how are we going to pay the bills? Let’s write an extensive checklist of tasks to complete!)

    So I can’t imagine having planned a wedding, just in time for the whole world to (metaphorically) catch on fire and implode on oneself. Can’t say I’ve ever had “Check for imminent global pandemic” on any of our wedding planning resources.

    What does one do in this situation? There’s not really a guidebook for that (although She Said Yes would be a good port of call) but if you’re on Level 4 lockdown and your wedding is only weeks away, then you’ll be looking at postponing.

    Or perhaps your wedding is further out, but with the COVID-19 travel restrictions likely to last months, you want to change your wedding date, so your important international guests will be able to travel to celebrate with you.

    Maybe you’ve decided you don’t want to wait at all, and rather than risk a large gathering and endangering your favourite Grandma, you’re massively downsizing your guest list, or eloping with very few (if any) guests.

    The complicating factor in all these situations can be letting your guests know there has been a change in your wedding plans – particularly if you’d already sent out Save the Dates or wedding invitations (or poured some of that hard-earned budget into beautiful wedding stationery that is now printed with the incorrect date).

    However – it is at this point that we can help!

    Sitting in my home office amongst my checklists that won’t get checked, the yoga mat that is better off a dog bed, and a house that looks like it’ll cause the next pandemic, I’ve come up with a free, editable ‘Change the Date’ electronic template:

    If you want colours changed, or a physical copy printed, or want us to design something else for you – we can totally do that too. We are busy setting up some designs that match our existing wedding stationery (so your Change of Plans card can still match your existing stationery, because #matchymatchy doesn’t take pandemics off). You can check out the latest additions to our range here. If there’s a design that’s missing that you’re hanging out for, let us know and we’ll bump it up the list for you.

    For couples who got their Save the Dates and Wedding Invitations through Be My Guest, we are also offering free electronic ‘Change of Plans’ cards to match your stationery – just email them out to guests or take advantage of discounted reprints. Just email and we will make it happen.

    In the meantime – stay safe, stay sane and don’t stress – we are all in this together.

    x Amanda


  • COVID-19 Lockdown Update

    As you are probably aware, the NZ Govt has ordered a lockdown of all non-essential businesses.

    We are unable to print or dispatch items until the lockdown lifts. The Be My Guest team are working remotely from their homes, and are checking emails regularly. So any orders placed that require design work will still progress, up until the printing stage.

    This is an unprecedented time filled with uncertainty for everyone. Please continue to support small businesses, be patient with each other, and look after yourself.

    x Amanda