Bridesmaid Proposal Cards, Wine Labels & Gifts

Make your bridesmaid proposal memorable with the help of Be My Guest. Wedding planning can be tough going, which is why it’s so essential to get your bridesmaids on board early! They’re a sounding board for all those tricky questions, especially as they know you better than anyone.

Below is a range of pre-made cards and wine labels you can use to ask your besties to be your bridesmaid. All these items can be ordered online in the Be My Guest Shop. Scroll further down the page to check out a quick video on how to apply the wine labels.

What’s included with Be My Guest Bridesmaid Proposal Cards?

  • A high quality bridesmaid proposal card, professionally printed on a high quality commercial digital press and trimmed to size with a commercial grade guillotine
  • High quality coloured envelope

What’s included with Be My Guest Bridesmaid Proposal Wine Labels?

  • A high quality bridesmaid proposal wine label, professionally printed on a high quality commercial digital press
  • The labels are printed onto freezer-grade adhesive paper, so your sticker will survive chilling in the fridge!

Will you be my bridesmaid? Card and Wine Label Range

Wholesale is available, please get in touch for more information

Bridesmaid proposal ideas

If you are trying to come up with some different ways to “propose” to your bridesmaids, this article from Southern Bride has some neat ideas (and features the bridesmaid range from Be My Guest also).

How to apply custom wine labels