Lavender Menu and Order of Service

Lisa and Mike’s wedding reception was held at Riverstone Kitchen, Oamaru, in March. Their lavender menu and order of service matched their invitations, with a lavender colour theme and a few sprigs of lavender as the finishing touch.

If you are planning to use lavender stems in your wedding in a similar manner, I recommend sourcing English Lavender. The stems are longer and give a more finished look – whereas French Lavender is bushier, and you’ll have an extra job on your hands pulling the leaves off.

Lavender lasts incredibly well, so you can go ahead and pick your lavender a week or two in advance.  Remember to consider the year too – it seems obvious, but make sure the lavender will be flowering around your wedding date!

e68732_ea7cbc5aff3845139d66d6b4c7375ba4.jpg(image taken by  Angela Jane Photography.)

Detail of Lavender Wedding Order of Service

order of service lavender folded

wedding stationery menus lavender


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