Decolectable: An Art-Deco Inspired Gatefold Wedding Invitation

The Art-Deco era is remembered with this Great Gatsby inspired wedding invitation. The glamour of the 1920s is remembered with the use of metallic card, a printed belly band and paired with a deep chocolate envelope setting the whole invitation off.

The belly band slides off to reveal the main invitation.

The invitation can also come with optional information cards – with a reply card above as an example. This is A6, to tuck behind the main invitation. On the reverse is the couple’s return address, so the card can be used as a postcard.

Here’s the art deco style wedding invitation suite with a difference. Sharron and Lawrence added a silhouette of a gangster and moll onto each side of the gatefold flaps

art deco wedding invitation with belly band

art deco wedding invitation opened to reveal invite

art deco reply card

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Art Deco Wedding Invitations

Their wording is a little different than a traditional wedding invitation too:

Close up of inside of deco wedding invitation

Gold Art Deco Wedding Invitation with Belly Band


Incredibly, both sets of wedding invitations pictured on this page are the same colour, but due to this card being metallic, and the different lighting and editing conditions, you’ll see the gold looks browner or yellower in some images. If you’re ever unsure about the colour, please drop me a line as I have plenty of samples to share.

Price Guide and Ordering

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